Lorica: we are here to help you make your money work harder

Lorica: a movement for financial wellbeing

Lorica has one simple aim: to help people develop a healthy relationship with money. Smart, everyday people, who work hard for their money and want more control of it. Our services cover financial planning, investment management and workplace financial wellbeing.

By focusing on what we are great at, you get the very best financial tools, technology, research, guidance and advisory services.
Founded in 1989, we’ve been around for a while so we know what investors need. Everyone knows they need to do more with their money, but they need help to cut through all the mystery. People simply want to understand what they are paying for and then have it delivered. So, we made it our mission to create fair and simple services, with no mystery.

Demystifying money

Historically, making decisions about money has seemed unnecessarily complicated. Not anymore. Here’s what we promise all of our customers:

  • We will manage your money with no surprises
  • You will always be able to access clear, up-to-date information about how hard your money is working for you
  • We will only recommend, or provide access to, funds and investments that have been thoroughly researched by our investment committee
  • You will soon be able to invest directly with clear guidance, intuitive technology and no high entry fees
  • Your money is safe and your data is secure
  • We will provide simple explanations and clear guidance about your options
  • Our tools and technology will help you make sure you are benefiting from the most tax efficient options
  • For the more complex issues, you can pay us for really good quality advice, but only when you need it

Meet the team

Martin Thomas
Financial Wellbeing Course Leader

Martin joined Lorica in summer 2018 as Financial Wellbeing Course Leader.

His principal role is to run seminars and workshops on subjects including:

  • pre-retirement
  • pension refresher
  • general financial know how

A knowledgeable, enthusiastic and empathetic presenter, Martin is highly adept at tailoring his style to the audience in question.

Before joining Lorica, Martin worked for Marsh/Mercer for 30 years and an IFA firm in Bath for seven years. He specialised in employee benefits focusing on pension schemes, presenting to groups and running seminars.

Away from the office, Martin is a devoted Exeter City supporter and is very enthusiastic about all things Spanish. He frequently visits family in Madrid and Andalucía, while always trying to improve his school-boy Spanish!

Gill Hibbard

Gill joined the financial services industry in 1996, when she became involved with Barclays’ online banking pilot project. Since then, most of Gill’s career has been spent providing compliance support to financial advisers. She joined Lorica in 2010, initially on a consultancy basis, and now heads up all compliance and operations functions across the business.

Throughout her career, Gill’s motivation has been ensuring that the customer is always the focus of any process. She has long been fascinated by how technology can be used to help people better understand and manage their money.

David Burton
Senior Wealth Adviser

David started his career in the banking sector with HSBC, before moving to Ford Motor Company. He then joined the financial services team at Barclays Bank Plc, where he worked for 16 years advising both corporate and individual clients.

David joined Lorica in 2003 as a financial adviser, specialising in the workplace pensions market and again advising both employers and their employees. He also provides holistic financial planning and wealth management advice to our private clients.

David Norton
Wealth Adviser

David has worked in financial services for over 11 years, the last eight of which as a financial adviser. Having specialised in workplace pensions for the last two years, David became acutely aware that the vast majority of UK employees do not have access to high quality advice and financial information in the workplace. He now specialises in providing individual financial advice to employees and is passionate about everyone being able to make the most of their personal financial situation.

David is married with a young family and in his spare time enjoys participating in a wide range of sports, especially golf, which he played professionally before joining the industry.

Jeremy Daniels
Senior Wealth Adviser

Jeremy joined Lorica in 2007 and specialises in providing tax and investment advice to clients with more complex financial affairs. He has played an integral role in the development of our investment proposition and is a key member of Lorica’s investment governance committee.

Having initially trained as a tax accountant with Coopers and Lybrand, Jeremy joined Standard Life in 1985, working within the technical areas of pensions and investments.

Jeremy enjoys all sports and particularly loves travelling to watch his son play Premiership rugby each weekend.

Ralph Brill
Senior Wealth Adviser

Ralph has worked in the financial services industry for over 25 years, initially starting his financial career at Prudential. He joined Lorica in 2005, and his principal areas of expertise are technical pension solutions, protection and investment strategies.

Ralph started in this industry with clear objectives; to interact with clients and add value. His personal experience working with other advisers was so poor, he realised there was opportunity for him to do a much better job and make a real difference for clients. He works by a simple philosophy:  “I would not recommend anything to a client that I would not do myself”.

In his spare time, Ralph enjoys holidays with his family, swimming, going to the theatre, reading autobiographies and skiing.

Clive Martin
Senior Wealth Adviser

Clive joined Lorica as a financial adviser in 2006 and now heads up our team of wealth management advisers. He has played a key role in the development of our proposition and is a member of our investment governance committee.

Having graduated from Manchester University in 1984, Clive immediately moved into financial services, initially as a commodities broker in the City. In 1991, he moved away from commodities and into the financial advice arena, managing very successful advisory teams in the high net worth divisions of Prudential and Scottish Widows.

Clive’s wife would tell you that he is obsessed with financial markets – checking, watching and listening at every opportunity. His other great passion is sport, particularly rugby, golf and cricket. He is still a keen golfer today, although his cricket involvement is nowadays mostly limited to watching from the sofa, and rugby limited to watching his son from the touchline at every opportunity.

Hard-working technology for hard-working money

Lorica’s unique FitMoney technology is designed to take away the worries and complexities associated with investing, and instead provide an experience that is straightforward, reassuring and engaging. FitMoney is designed to provide:
  1. An engaging and simple investment experience
  2. Greater understanding with no mystery
  3. Easy-to-use tools to make your money work harder
  4. Leading financial education and guidance, with intuitive tools to help people make their own informed decisions
  5. Access to excellent advisory services, but only when needed

Did you know?

Historically, it has been easier to get a payday loan (one click) than to invest your own money (typically hours). No wonder the UK spends more than it saves!

Lorica’s FitMoney cuts through all the gloom and faff, proving that investing can be a very simple – and enjoyable - process.

Safe, secure and outstanding value for money

Lorica believes in the benefits of ‘platform’ technology. This means all money invested through Lorica is held by the same custodian, on the same system. Our investment management team can then manage billions of pounds on behalf of our customers, using a straightforward process. Underlying our FitMoney technology is an AAA rated independent platform and custodian. AAA is the highest level of financial strength an organisation can receive.
  • You can be sure that your money is safe and your data is secure. Lorica doesn’t hold your money, we just manage it.
  • FitMoney has all the tax-efficient products (such as ISAs, pensions, offshore bonds) that are needed to allow the most efficient investment of your money.
  • By using a single platform, through our negotiations and the economies of scale available to us, we are able to offer our customers outstanding value for money.