We provide workplace financial wellbeing services, designed to help your employees better understand and manage their money.

You can choose how you want to work us. We offer employers workplace pensions advice and scheme governance, tailored financial education and specialist guidance services for employees as well.

Our experienced advisers can provide your employees with full financial planning, taxation and investment advice.


Managing money needn't be one of them


Financial Wellbeing

Workplace financial education is becoming an increasingly popular tool to help retain staff, reduce employee absence and improve productivity.

The vast majority of the UK population lacks financial resilience. Worrying about money is one of the biggest causes of stress and many people simply don’t know who to turn to for help. By providing access to financial education and wellbeing services in the workplace, employers can help their people learn healthy financial behaviour.

That’s where Lorica comes in. Our services are designed to put your employees back in control of their money, by providing expert guidance in a straightforward, simple and honest way.


Lorica's workplace financial wellbeing services



Covering a wide range of financial
topics and issues, tailored to your
workforce. Often provided to
segmented groups to help ensure
content is relevant for attendees.


Lunch and learn

A more informal setting, so your employees feel relaxed and at ease – and can ask questions relevant to their own financial circumstances.


Individual financial planning advice

For employees that want or need an extra layer of support, we can help them with more complicated financial matters.



Our market leading guidance and financial planning technology, designed to help your employees manage their own money.

First broadcast - 14 February 2017

Presented by

Tim Perkins - Director at Nudge

James Biggs - Head of Financial Wellbeing at Lorica

Paul Bird - Group Pensions & Reward Director at News UK


Why Lorica?

  • Our financial wellbeing programmes are designed to educate people on the most relevant and important aspects of managing their money
  • We use straightforward language, visual aids and interactive tools
  • Our seminars and ‘lunch and learn’ sessions are lively, engaging, relevant and easy-to-understand
  • Our team of advisers at Lorica Saltus Wealth provide employees and their families with financial planning & investment advice

Workplace pensions consultancy and governance

Workplace pensions are one of the most important benefits for employees, but can be a significant financial and time cost for employers.

Following the introduction of auto-enrolment and the pensions freedoms, it is more crucial than ever to ensure your workplace pension scheme is effective and compliant. The right scheme structure, effective governance and clear employee communications all help to deliver good outcomes for members, and drive value back to your business.


This is where Lorica makes a difference.

Our fixed-fee independent consultancy services provide day-to-day support to ensure your workplace pension scheme is fully compliant and a genuine benefit to both your business and your employees.

We work closely with you and fully embrace your provider’s services to derive maximum value from your scheme.  Our dynamic approach, delivered by an innovative team, ensures genuine transformation of your pensions governance.

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Why Lorica?

  • Our consultancy and governance services ensure your defined contribution (DC) workplace pension is compliant with all relevant legislation and enables good member outcomes
  • We develop strong relationships with you and your pension provider, ensuring full support for your HR team and full adoption of your scheme’s benefits
  • Our dynamic approach to DC workplace pension scheme governance, is built on the integration of proven innovation with Regulator best practice
  • We are unbiased so can ensure your pension scheme members are benefiting from competitive charges, appropriate investment options and the best online tools